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bulletwalking away
bulletsick of love
bulletthrow it all away


you're the one for me
i have to be right
you're the one for me
i see you in my sight
you're the one for me
i'll never hurt you
you're the one for me
theres no way we can lose

i lay here and looking at the stars
all i can think of is you
and i know that you love me too
you're in my mind and i cant stop thinking
about everything you've said to me 
and everytime you walk by for me to see

as we walk by the moonlight
cant stop looking at you
and i want you to love me too
you come over and talk to me
ill always hold your heart 
and we'll never be apart

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I always wondered
What I would do without you
Now I live the question
Alone and feeling blue
No one to walk with
I screwed up, acted like a jerk
No one to talk to 
After I get out of class

I don't want to fall apart
This is getting complicated
Pieces are coming apart
Some things are overrated
I asked you what was wrong
You just turned away
We've been together so long
Don't let it end this way 

If I could have you back
To have all your charms
I would give anything
Just to hold you in my arms

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Walking Away

this is for the days
when the world is so messed up
and nobody knows
just how you feel
they don't even care
and it doesn't matter
if the one they hurt is you

its taken away
they say its a "privilege"
its not your right
and you don't deserve it
no more parties no
more staying out past 12

they think you're stupid
you need to apply
i said screw you
and walked away
you're not cut out for this world
and they know it

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Sick of Love

were sick of love but
no matter how hard we try
we cant find a girl
that doesn't seem to lie
they don't say what they mean
or mean what they say
and that is why...

most girls don't get it
they lead the guys off track
and they are attached to us
no what matter what we lack
there emotions go for a ride
and im along for the whirl
but no matter what happens
i know i love this girl

even though you haven't spoke 
for a couple of days
she gets pissed so you
go out of your way
her friends in the front
as i wait in line
but its worth it cause
i know she's mine

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the days i wait
hoping for the perfect time
then to find out
i have to wait in line
and to build up courage
just to ask her out

she grabs my hand 
and we start to dance
starting to think 
this was my chance
i just want her to know
this song is for her

when i decied to
make my move
another guy shows up
and i fear ill lose
i hope that you know
this song is for you

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Throw it All Away

throw it all away
just forget everything
trying to replace 
what cant be fixed
to throw it all away
hoping for everthing
losting something 
that shouldn't be lost

as she yells across the room
pissed for a good reason
she was hurt more
than ever possible
its not her fault
but its her loss
and shes about to...

self centered and
she thinks she deserves everything
stepping on anyone along the way
what only matters is that
she gets what she wants
no matter what consequences
and she should...

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